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Unhappy hormones


An endocrine disease is caused by an upset in the normal balance or regulation of hormones. These diseases are not uncommon in dogs and cats and the unhappy hormones lead to a range of problems that can greatly affect your pet's quality of life.

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tiger mosquito mosquito asian tigermucke sting 86722

How many pesky mosquitoes have you seen this summer? Here's some food for thought: wherever there are mosquitoes, there is the risk of heartworm disease for your pet!

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Happy and healthy ears

border collie jump water british sheepdog 37860

Summer is a great time to take your dog swimming but did you know that an innocent dip can lead to an ear infection for your dog?

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Happy travels

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Are you travelling with your pet this summer? If the answer is ‘yes’, there are a few things you need to think about to help keep your pet happy, healthy and safe.

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