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Malvern Veterinary Hospital
547 Dandenong Rd
VIC 3143

03 9509 7611



 Why does my dog’s breath smell?

Most commonly bad breath is due to dental disease. However there can be many other causes. A trip to the veterinary clinic to determine the cause would be advisable.

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 Why is my cat urinating around the house?

Inappropriate urination can be caused by either a medical or behavioural issue. An appointment with a vet at our vet clinic would be recommended to determine the cause. In this case bringing in a urine sample is always useful.

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 My dog is chewing at the base of his tail. What could it be?

The most common cause of an itchy dog is usually fleas. However to rule out other allergies and infections we recommend an appointment with the vet at our vet clinic.

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 My elderly cat hasn’t eaten for 3 days. Should I come in?

As pets get older they are prone to many serious "old age" diseases. A cat that is off its food needs to be seen by a vet as quickly as possible. Do not hesitate to make an appointment for your old friend!

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 My dog has diarrhoea. What should I do?

Diarrhoea can be serious if left untreated. Dogs can dehydrate quickly so its best to make an appointment to see a vet to determine the cause and the best plan of action to treat your pet.

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 Why is my dog scooting?

When a dog drags its bottom along the ground we call it "scooting".Intestinal Worms or anal glands can be the cause of this common problem. A visit to the veterinary clinic to check the glands would be the best option to determine the cause.

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 Do you provide dog grooming?

Yes, here at Malvern Vet Hospital we offer dog grooming. This takes place during weekdays and weekends, but as dog grooming is popular, we ask that you make an appointment first. To schedule an appointment, contact us.

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 Should I book in my pet for cat desexing or dog desexing?

This choice is completely up to you. Some reasons owners choose to undertake cat desexing and dog desexing is:

  • to avoid common medical conditions such as mammary or testicular tumors, pyometra, prostate disease, unwanted pregnancy , urine spraying
  • to reduce the likelihood of roaming (runaways), being hit by cars and dog/cat fight injuries
  • to reduce council registration fees

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 Do you have a cat boarding facility?

Yes, our vet clinic has a large cat boarding facility located on the premises. Our large cat boarding facility enables us to accommodate for a large number of cats at any time of the year. Special toys and bedding can be brought in to make your cat feel right at home. If you wish to book your cat in for long or short term accommodation, please ensure your cat is immunised. We can organise this if your cat has not had any vaccinations.

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 How many vets and staff are there at your vet clinic?

Currently, there are 4 fully qualified vets and 7 nursing staff and 4 dog groomers at our veterinary clinic. Our vets and nurses have extensive experience working with a range of animals, not to mention their qualifications. All of our staff members are pet owners and recognise the importance of caring for your beloved animal.

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