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Science Diet Loyalty Program & Other Malvern Pet Products


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Malvern Veterinary Hospital
547 Dandenong Rd
VIC 3143

03 9509 7611

Science Diet Loyalty Program

Buy 7 bags of one variety of Science Diet dog or cat food from Malvern Vet Hospital within an 18 month period, and recieve one small bag of that same variety FREE. Sign up at our front desk.

Science DietMalvern Vet Hospital stocks a comprehensive range of quality pet products and supplies for dogs and cats of differing breeds. Our products and supplies include the premium quality Science Diet range as well as Hills Prescription foods, bowls, leads, collars, bedding, cages, toys, grooming products and specific treatments, and are available at our veterinary clinic.

Shampoos and Coat Conditioners

Our shampoos and coat conditioners are available in medicated and regular and are suitable for dogs and cats of all breeds.

Grooming Products

Our grooming products include brushes, combs, nail clippers, epiotic and slicker brushes to ensure your pet maintains healthy skin and mat free fur.

Premium Pet Foods

Our premium pet food range includes recognised brands Science Diet and Hills Prescription. 

  • Science diet canine and feline range: puppy/kitten, adult, hairball, light, arge breed and senior varieties
  • Hills prescription range: canine and feline a/d ... etc

Pet Leads

Our halty and gentle leaders, pet leads, collars, car harnesses, pet tags, pet clean up bags are suitable for dogs and cats of all breeds.

Parasite Protection Products

Our parasite protection products are for dogs and cats of all ages. The range includes advantage flea prevention, intestinal wormers, heartworm prevention products and more.

  • Wormers: milbemax, profender, drontal chews, felex paste.
  • Flea products: advantage, frontline plus, revolution, bravecto

Specialist Feline Products

Our specialist feline products include odour control cat litter and urine clean up products to ensure your home remains clean and fresh.

  • urine free
  • urine off
  • litta beads

Specialist toys

Our specialist toys are designed to help entertain bored dogs. Our specialist toys include kong toys, rope toys, chew toys, toy mice, toy rats, soft toys and buster cubes.

Dental Products

Our dental products include dental chews/treats and pet tooth paste & brushes to ensure your pet has healthy teeth and gums.

  • Tooth paste
  • Tooth brushes
  • Greenies
  • HealthyMouth antibacterial water additive
  • Prescription T/D food scientifically proven to help prevent dental disease

Specific Products

Our unique products are designed to help with specific problems such as urine spraying, hairballs, arthritis supplements and skin and coat treatments (topical omega products).

  • Behaviour problem products: feliway spray/diffuser, DAP diffuser, bitterant sprays
  • Arthritis products: sashas blend, hills j/d
  • Skin & coat: essential 6, megaderm, suncreams, pet deodorants,bitterant spray
  • Others: catlax, vets best liver treats, epiotic ear cleaner, muzzels, cat cages, bedding, pet tags