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Malvern Veterinary Hospital
547 Dandenong Rd
VIC 3143

03 9509 7611
  • About Us
    Malvern Vet has been re-awarded ASAVA (Australian Small Animal Veterinary Association) "Hospital of Excellence " Accreditation repeatedly since 1981. There arre currently only 13 practices in Victoria that have been awarded this honour. Hospital of Excellence status is continuously re-assessed and is presented in recognition of very high standards of...
  • Vets
    Our Vets Dr. Andrea Tims BSC(Hons)-zoology, BVSc(Hons) Andrea graduated in 1991 and is the sole practice owner. She has a special interest in surgery and geriatric care, has an honours degree in Science (zoology) as well as Veterinary Science. Andrea is a Senior Fellow of the University of Melbourne faculty...
  • Services
    Malvern Vet Hospital offers a comprehensive range of veterinary and animal health related services to ensure your animal is in a healthy and peak condition. As an ASAVA accredited veterinary clinic, we aim to provide the largest range of pet services to our clients. Be it animal vaccinations, cat desexing,...
  • Dog Grooming / Cat Grooming
    Malvern Vet Hospital offers a specialised dog grooming and cat grooming service to ensure your pet maintains healthy skin and mat free fur. Our veterinary clinic caters to dogs of any size, shape and breed. Regular grooming is essential for both dogs and cats and can be done during any...
  • Desexing
    Malvern Vet Hospital offers desexing for dogs and cats of both sexes. Dogs and cats should be spayed or castrated at 6 months of age as, at this age, the animals are old enough for an anaesthetic but still have immature reproductive tracts- ensuring a safer surgery. Our veterinary clinic...
  • Cat Boarding
    Malvern Vet Hospital is committed to making your cat feel at home both day and night. Our cattery is a favourite with many of our clients and its success is due to the safe environment provided for feline visitors and the peace of mind we offer to cat owners when...
  • Vaccinations
    Canine 3 yearly vaccinations The adult dog vaccine used at Malvern Vet for distemper, hepatitis and parvo virus lasts for a full three years. This "C3" vaccine has been specifically tested and registered for use on a 3 yearly basis. Not all C3 vaccines last for 3 years. There is...
  • Products
    Science Diet Loyalty Program. Buy 7 bags of one variety f Science Diet dog or cat food from Malvern Vet Hospital within an 18 month period, and recieve one small bag of that same variety FREE. Sign up at our front desk. Malvern Vet Hospital stocks a comprehensive range of...
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